Happy 2020!

2020 SALE

. Security Cameras

. Installation

Monitor  from your computer or mobile device!

View high quality video to monitor your home or business. Whether you are on site or away, the easy-to-use app will help you keep your place safe. The capture options allow you to record only when motion is detected, saving space on your hard drive. Obstructions such as public roads or walkways can be edited out, to avoid false alarms. 
Concerns such as a neighbor’s property can also be blocked from video view, recording, and detection, allowing privacy concerns to be met.
Our awesome technicians will walk you through all of these steps during the camera installation, being sure all your concerns are being met.

Our experts install cameras in the perfect location

The camera’s location is everything. Our technicians carefully review the monitoring area to be able to produce the best professional, high-quality monitoring at the most cost-effective price. Each type of camera provides a different monitoring area. Cameras are placed to avoid blind spots, and high enough to prevent tampering. Have a unique situation? Our technicians will be happy to help you with any questions.

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